Information Technology for Development

The Information Technology for Development program at the College of Information Science and Technology at the University of Nebraska, Omaha involves the:

  • Research into the effects of technology adoption and use on the economic, social and human development of people, businesses and communities.

  • Training of students to conduct technology and training interventions with small businesses to measure their growth.

  • Development of tools to support the data collection and interventions.

  • Application of research and training to improve the lives of people.

This program involves projects such as Small Business Development: Opportunities and Challenges, Cloud computing for Small businesses, ICT Maturity: An Index for assessing a country’s capacity to grow through its ICT infrastructure and a Comparative Analysis of ICT adoption in China and the USA.

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Information Technology for Development (ITD) is the implementation and evaluation of information technology infrastructures to stimulate economic, social and human development.

ITD Journal

The Journal of Information Technology for Development (ITD) is a forum for research and application of Information Technology (IT) infrastructures in emerging economies and their relationships with the developed world. It is the first journal to have explicitly addressed global information technology issues by publishing social and technical research on the subject.


Research in Information Technology for Development involves the assessment of how innovative applications of technology lead to improvements in the lives of people. Research in this area considers ways in which these applications bring about improvements through better education, healthcare, water and land resources and government services.


The Management Information Systems program offers three courses in Information Technology for Development at the undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. levels in which students learn to work with small businesses and implement technology and training interventions. There is the Electronic Commerce in which students learn to develop business plans for their technology companies.

ITD Data Collection Android Application

ITD Lab has developed this application for students to collect data from Micro Enterprises.

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