ITD Cloud Computing Lab

The ITD Cloud Computing Lab is a Database as a Service (DaaS) platform to provide support for data collection and analysis of IT needs and interventions in small businesses. Specialized software is also being developed through the application layer to enable reporting, logging and analysis of the IT use by the microenterprises. The cloud also contains three databases managed through a relational database management system (RDMS). These are: 1) a repository of IT solutions; 2) a set of tools to diagnose, assess and implement IT solutions for micro-businesses; and 3) data on the interventions that can be analyzed by the research team to assess the effectiveness of the interventions.

ITD Cloud Computing Lab

Devanshika Mishra | Ajay Khampariya

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ITD Data Collection Android Application

ITD Lab has developed this application for students to collect data from Micro Enterprises.

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